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10/06 02:20

C# 進階學習者請進
書名:C# 8.0 in a Nutshell
作者:Joseph Albahari
如果你的程度不是入門也不是很高階的那種,那很適合這本書,這裡面有一些相對於入門書比較不常見的觀念,當你過了新手期,這本書可以很好的帶你通往中高階的世界,特別是對C# 8.0 或 .NET Core 有疑問時,小編覺得這本書可以給你很好的解答喔!
Get up to speed on C#, from syntax and variables to advanced topics such as pointers, closures, and patterns
Dig deep into LINQ with three chapters dedicated to the topic
Explore concurrency and asynchrony, advanced threading, and parallel programming
Work with .NET features, including regular expressions, networking, serialization, spans, reflection, and cryptography
Delve into Roslyn, the modular C# compiler as a service
  • .NET core
  • .NET
  • C#
  • C++.Net
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